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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 17, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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of the money is still missing. the brinks bandits broke the bank 63 years ago today. that's this fox report on this thursday. i'm bill hemmer in for shepard smivment see you back here tomorrow. here is bill. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> >> i never felt that way before. >> bill: biggest star in the notre dame football team a likely first round draft choice in the nfl caught up in a bizarre internet scandal. we'll tell you what's going on and analyze how the net can be used for evil i will sign drerkive giving mental health professionals some of the tools they need to help reduce gun violence. >> bill: outgauge in progun circles about a possible law compelling medical people to ask some americans about gun ownership. we'll get to the bottom of
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that. >> the more i think about it, the more it seems that colin powell's appearance on meet the press was well coordinated with the white house. charges by laura ingraham by powell and others played the race card at the behest of president obama. ms. ingraham will be here. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. evil on the internet. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. whether we know it or not all of us are being influenced by the net. the machines have changed everything in our lives. 245 million americans three quarters of the population have access to the net.
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worldwide 2.4 billion people have net capability. a third of the world's population. and as you know, if you use the internet, there is a tremendous evil available at your finger tips. pedophilia, drug dealing, violence, sayism. even rape can be accessed on sick internet sites. children barraged. games some of them explicitly violent. chat rooms so crude and malevolent it is beyond the pale. millions of people are developing emotional relationships over the net. with descrarntion. people they never even meet in person. that can lead to disaster. enter 21-year-old manti te'o captain of the notre dame football team likely first round draft choice in the national football league. last october he told the world that his grandmother and girlfriend he met on the net both died in the same week. >> i just lost everything.
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and i cried, i yelled. i never felt that way before. this is six hours ago. i just found out my grandma passed away and you take, you know, the love of my life. last thing she said to me was i love you. that was it. >> bill: now the nation sympathized with manti te'o. he became even more famous in this country and fame can lead to endorsements. but there is one problem here. and it's a big problem. there was no girlfriend. she never even existed. te'o and notre dame claim he is the victim of an internet fraud called catfishing. that is when a person develops a romantic relationship with another person using fake credentials. >> this was a very elaborate, very sophisticated hoax
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perpetrated for reasons we can't fully understand but had a certain cruelty at its core. based on the exchanges that we were able to see between some of the people who perpetrated it. manti was the victim of that hoax. man tie is the victim of that hoax. >> bill: now, that's hard to believe if you the love of your life dies, you go to the funeral, right? don't you go to the funeral? so, once again, the internet at the center of a national controversy and that should be a cautionary tale for all of us. do not, do not allow the machines to take control of your life. don't do that evil operates best when it is hidden. the net is a great place to hide. that's the memo. now for the top sent to tonight joining us from san francisco fox news analyst and
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sports guy covered football for six years. te'o a fraud, jim? >> there are an awful lot of holes in this story. i don't want to go there yet. everything leading up to it would indicate yes it is. you said why not go to the funeral. she was in a car accident almost died. you are not going to ever go visit her. then she has leukemia which causes her death, supposedly even though that didn't really happen. you don't go visit her. then you don't go to the funeral because she says don't come to the funeral, play the game but you don't go visit the family or the grave afterwards? i mean, all of this is -- you can't make this stuff up, bill, but somebody just did. >> bill: it almost parallels lance armstrong in a way. if the young man, again, 21 years old, is lying and he is the source of the fraud, that enters into all kinds of other areas because he is a big star and his commercial appeal being the object of sympathy,
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obviously rose. now, he wasn't in a position like armstrong was to take advantage of it monetarily. armstrong entered into contracts over fraud and is he in big trouble. but mr. at a owe mr. manti would be in trouble. >> his stock is plummeting right now. first round pick he may drop well down below that into the second round. we he may have to wait for a lot of these answers. there is is a teammate this afternoon has come out and said he played up this entire tragic story that they all knew this wasn't his girlfriend and he played this up to his all american side. so, if that's the case, and more teammates will come forward and others will come forward, this is really going to unravel. >> bill: all right. because you have to understand that the player te'o was in contention for the heisman trophy and by doing something like this and getting sympathy
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and notoriety that doesn't hurt when the vote is close. you are say today a notre dame teammate of te'o has come forward and accused him of being a fraud. >> he said he played it up. they all said they all knew it wasn't his girlfriend. shear a guy who didn't need to do this. a lot like guys who jam up their resume making claims that they really don't have to make. >> bill: if he did something wrong with him no doubt. this puts the university of notre dame in a very bad position because it is still behind you heard the athletic director behind the young man it is still saying that he was the victim and now the notre dame is in a position of being extremely damaged its imagine, correct? >> absolutely. they are complicit to a certain degree because te'o says he got a call from his whea thought was his old
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girlfriend on december 6th. he reports it to his coaches on december 26th. the coaches tell the athletic director and the university what's been going on. they then do not disclose this information bill they hold on to this through the national championship game 12 days later. they let the media, continue to answer questions about this playing the season for her and dedicating it for her. they continued to perpetuate this fraud when they know though have all the information that they know that this woman never existed so yes the university. >> bill: looks like huge coverup in the athletic department so the linebacker could play in the championship game and it all unravels. the athletic director gets out and still, not like they are walking away and saying -- still. all right, jim, we appreciate it i suspect this is not going to come out well for the young man, i suspect there is something probably wrong with him. another sporting scandal, we have a bill o'
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question for you. are you ready to forgive lance arm strong for doping and lying. is he on national tv talking all about it yes or no. give the results on monday. next on the run down, megyn kelly whether there is anything unconstitutional about president obama's gun pose -- pose posture. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open for 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma,
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gun violence. >> now, some like the nra believe the president is giving license to doctors and nurses to inquire about guns. >> the idea that your doctor would ask you if you have firearms in your house as part of an examination of your health is repugnant because you have a right under the second amendment to own firearms legitimately. >> here now to sort it all out attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly. so, if it's true that doctors and nurses are being directed by the federal government to make inquiries about guns in some cases that's troubling. >> it is. but it's not true. i mean, i'm surprise to hear the nra guy saying that. first of all, what president obama said was that the -- obama care does not prohibit the doctors from asking about guns. he was trying to clarify that it doesn't ban them from
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asking if they want to ask. but the nra should not be surprised at this because when they were passing obama care, the nra lobbied the lawmakers and harry reid of nevada made sure it got in to have a provision in there saying patients don't have to answer if they are asked by their doctor whether they have a gun. they are -- patients are protected thanks to the nra. why is the nra guy so surprised that they may be asking? >> bill: answer me this megyn. >> okay. >> bill: the president makes a point in his presentation about guns to mention mental health people all right? he is going to direct them. is he going to give them authority in this area. >> that they may. >> bill: that they may. >> clarifying his law doesn't prohibit. clarifying that indeed they may. >> bill: that's a little bit of spin. >> they have been doing it, bill. they have been doing it. if you are a physician and somebody comes into your office with six gunshot wounds
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you have a right to ask about the gun. i saw the president and he is not a guy ha ad-libs a lot. this is on the tell prompter specifically point out that he is giving the authority to school officials,mental health officials. to get into this area. and i think that just raises red flag going all right. now what? how many questions. >> i don't see it like that. your doctor can ask whatever he wants to ask. there are circumstances as you point out where they should is ask. if a child comes in and has some sort of suspicious wound you ask. >> bill: absolutely. >> i think all our viewers get behind that the viewers also need to know you have the right not to answer. they cannot make you disclose your private security situation. >> bill: if a doctor did ask a question you have a right to go to another doctor. >> absolutely. >> bill: you don't see this? nobody is going to ask you about a lugar you might have.
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do you know what a lugar is. >> i thought it had to do with phlegm. >> bill: it's a german pistol. new york state you live. >> there proudly all my life. >> bill: they pass a gun law this week that bans assault rifles and big magazine clips think say it's the toughest in the country. cuomo this is a macho man right there. so. is any of it going to be challenged on the federal level as unconstitutional. >> it may be challenged either on the state level or under the second amendment. >> bill: do you see anything in that law? >> no. that's going to be found unconstitutional? >> bill: right. >> no, i don't. similar challenges in other states the measures that he passed in new york have been upheld as valid. here is the law. think have the ability to regulate the gun. >> bill: who is they? >> the feds or state lawmakers. >> bill: state and feds have
8:17 pm
the ability. >> to regulate under the second amendment. they don't have the ability to take your guns away all together. that's where for example d.c. got in trouble where they tried to say no handguns, no, none. that got challenged. the supreme court said. >> bill: they lost. >> no, there is this little thing we call the second amendment. now can't say no handguns at all. restrictions more background checks. number of bullets, magazines capacity and that kind of thing and you can't walk around with a bazooka. >> bill: type of weapon. >> all that stuff has been upheld by courts in the past. what was interested in the 1994 assault ban. i looked back to see whether anybody had challenged that under the second amendment and what the supreme court had ruled. they didn't do it. >> the nra didn't challenge it because it was a different looking supreme court at the time. and they were worried that a more left leaning court might role against them. they didn't go after that law. if by chance barack obama gets this assault weapons ban through which is unlikely. harry reid the democrats in the senate are the problem right now.
8:18 pm
i think the nra what would challenge it. >> bill: one part of the new york law that got my attention was that those weasels up in the journal in west thessalonianser county, the news journal whatever it is is, they can't print names and addresses anymore. >> that's right. >> bill: along with tough gun law says can't print names if they object to it. >> on a go forward basis that's a no. no. >> bill: megyn kelly knows what a lugar is. >> learn something every day. >> bill: why is president obama pushing a ban on assault rifles if he has no chance of passing in t. in congress. laura ingraham caught up in a big controversy saying collin powell coordinate with the white house to talk about race. those reports after these messages. ♪
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, we would like to introduce you to a brand new fox news contributor, another wild conservative guy. here he is from washington, d.c. former congressman dennis kucinich. wow, what a conversion. congressman, how did that happen? you know all the people on fox news, you know, are far right, crazy people. >> well, you know, together again at last, bill. i appreciate a chance to be on with you and i have always enjoyed our exchanges and let's go forward. >> bill: okay. so you are the same left wing nut we know and love from the congress, right? >> i want to point out during the presidential campaign, fox permitted me into the debates. there was another network that didn't. and my message was one that was resonating across the
8:23 pm
country certainly among democrats. i appreciate the chance to be on tonight. >> bill: sure, let's talk tactics now not ideology or anything like that. the consensus is that you just heard megyn kelly say it that no way congress is going to ban assault rifles and it might not even get through the senate. and to back that up, you know this al franken guy? do you know him? >> yeah, i know him. senator franken? >> bill: i think is he a complete weasel and here is the proof of that. he is about as left wing as you get. but he is the senator from minnesota. and he was asked by the rochester post bulletin newspaper if he supported a ban of assault rifles. and he won't answer. his spokesperson mark kimble said, quote: i guess i don't have an answer for you. so, franken won't say whether he wants to ban assault rifles because is he from minnesota, a state that's not going to take kindly to that point of
8:24 pm
view. that's what a lot of these democratic liberal senators that's the position they are in. >> let me just tell you something. i read what senator franken said he affirmed his support for the second amendment rights of people. as a matter of fact. the d.c. vs. heller case is say people have an individual right to bear arms and connected that to self-defense. i don't think senator franken has taken issue to that at all. >> it's a simple question. do you want assault rifles to be banned? he won't answer, period, he is a weasel. >> look, i can't say that and i wouldn't say that. >> of course not. >> i would say it and i have the proof to back it up the rochester newspaper asked him. that's rochester, minnesota and he he wouldn't answer it. period. >> he recognizes that the supreme court gave people an individual right. >> bill: you are crazy. he recognizes that he needs volts in the state and that wouldn't be popular. >> read the article, bill. read the article. that's all i'm saying. so, we have to recognize a larger question here. there is a lot of fear in our society. --
8:25 pm
>> bill: i think you will agree with me on this. many democrats are caught because the people in their state don't want limitations on certain weapons. the ar being one of them. that's why president obama is going to have a hard. it's impossible to get it through the republican controlled house. he will never do that and probably not going to get it through the democrat controlled senate. the question is is why does he even try? why is he wasting everybody's time? >> first of all, president obama, we have a crisis of security in america. people don't feel safe. it may be that no laws we pass are going to make americans feel safer. i will tell you this, the president has to act. furthermore congress should consider the proposals that he is extending. are they going to solve the problem in they may or may not. >> bill: you know as well as i do you came out of the house. the house is never going to pass any ban on assault rifles. they are not going to do it. >> bill, in 2000 -- no, it was 1994, the house voted 216 to
8:26 pm
214 to ban assault westles. >> bill: that's 19 years ago and a whole different climate. >> you are right. this time there will be more democrats that will support it than last. there will be less republicans who will support it at that point there were more. >> bill: do you think the house is going to okay an assault rifle ban? >> no. >> bill: i want to bet. i want a piece of this action. i don't give me a ravel razzle dazzle. >> it might be pro-law. i'm saying the house will hopefully consider it i can't tell you they will pass it the democrats will tend to vote for it and republicans tend to vote mightily against it that's not getting at the underlying. why fear in america and mistrust of government. until we start to get underneath this issue we are missing the point here, bill. >> bill: that's a long-time deal. look, i'm for sane gun control. i want, i laid out and i want everybody to read it if you didn't watch the factor last night. read my talking points memo
8:27 pm
which is posted on bill o' and fox news factor web site. read it because solved the problem. >> i read your talking points memo there were things in it that i agreed with. but i will say that we can be talking about gun legislation from now until kingdom come. all the gun laws you pass may not reduce signature is cantly the level of violence in our society. >> bill: mexico has very tough antigun laws. they threw a marine in gun for having anti-shotgun. 36,000 dead people. you know it isn't going to work i know it isn't going to work. i have got to run. >> bill, we will talk again. >> bill: we're glad you are on board, congressman. >> thanks. >> bill: we appreciate you being candid. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. laura ingraham causing controversy saying collin powell and others coordinated in the white house to talk about racial politics. teenage sexting craze out of control. big case in pennsylvania involving our pals the aclu.
8:28 pm
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weaker in review from the ingraham angle segment tonight. ms. laura causing controversy by saying this. >> the more i think about it, the more it seems that collin powell's appearance on meet the press was well-coordinated with the white house. with his deer friend with whom
8:32 pm
he campaigned, barack obama. when i hear an african-american president make comments about they don't like to socialize with me they demonize me? i think we are playing the victim card here. playing -- maybe playing the race card. it works well with that -- that collin obama narrative. >> bill: joining us now from washington is miss laura. let me just set this up. collin powell goes out on meet the press i don't know whether he did anything else. his main intent was to say that chuck hagel is a good guy and should be confirmed as secretary of state. right? they they trot him out. so obviously, somebody had to ask him to do that and you believe that it came from within the white house? >> well, yeah. what better person really to go out and defend the hagel nomination than collin powell, distinguished military career. >> bill: and former secretary of state. >> very well liked.
8:33 pm
former secretary of state. old friend of chuck hagel's and remember, one of the criticism about hagel is his comments about the jewish lobby. intimidating some people on capitol hill. kind of that hagel himself is intolerant toward jews, perhaps. collin powell does this turn very clever saying there is a dark vein of intolerance running through the republican party. obviously the implication being zeno phobic. intolerant of minorities and immigrants and so forth. that is then used to, what, set up the president, i believe, the next day when he comes out and does this kind of press conference right before noon to, again, attack the republics on the issue of the debt ceiling and they have to not play around with the debt ceiling powell is a sophisticated player. i don't think he does anything without thinking it through quite well.
8:34 pm
that's why i said what i said i want to make sure we have your allegations on the record. i don't want to put words in your mouth. >> it's a supposition. >> bill: you say that you think that collin powell was asked by someone to go out and defend chuck hagel's nomination. and at the same time, raise the spector that some people are owe posing the president's policies because he is black. that that was to put in one interview in one presentation. that's what you think may have happened? it might have happened. implication of what he said really is quite inprogram inflay to say least. it's in line with what liberal commentators have said for some time. every time you criticize barack obama there will be someone out there in the blogosphere or television or radio saying well you just like the fact that a black man is in power. it's ridiculous. if you want to look at
8:35 pm
intolerance and collin powell knows this well you don't look further than what they did to condoleezza rice. frankly what they did to collin powell. demonizing him. justice thomas. me a love. they are all considered sell outs. very odd for paul, during the hagel conversation raise this issue of the dark vein of intolerance. he knows is going to be asked about the g.o.p., bill, every time he goes on television is he asked about well the g.o.p. is having trouble. intend intent of the question is to bash the. this is a serious threat you are putting out there. powell would be very insulted if he is watching tonight or hears about it because what you are saying is he is being used willingly used to promote barack obama's policies in a very stealth, sneaky way. that's what you are saying i'm
8:36 pm
not sure if it's sneaky. >> if he is out there doing what you said you think he might be doing, that's sneaky remember collin powell endorsed obama mat first time. i know he likes him. is he not being upfront about it if he is weaving racism conversation with chuck hagel the whitest guy in the world. >> bill: remember the main concern about hagel, not just iran and all of that is what he he said about the jewish lobby. anti-semitism. what better way to deflect away from that than to say you know those republicans. >> bill: you know what we're talking about here. if powell were sitting here he would be mightily offended. >> i know collin powell a little bit and he has always been very nice to me. i think. >> bill: that might end. >> that's all right. he appears to be a disgruntled exemptlyee. disgun tell -- disgruntled to
8:37 pm
be released in 2004. >> bill: all i'm saying it's a huge story. you may be right, you may be wrong. >> it might not be as bad as what they did to susan rice. collin powell is a smart man. i don't think he necessarily is being used. i think this was a well coordinated and pretty sophisticated hit. >> bill: thank you very much. when we come right back, teenage sexting out of control all over the country. why. and what should be done about it. and then watters world the movie edition. best and worst films of all time according to the folks. up up ahead. on may 18th, five days later, i had a massive heart attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story.
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watch every moment of super bowl xlvii live on nfl mobile. bringing the big game to you when every play matters... verizon. call star-star nfl to download nfl mobile from verizon. >> thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the are are we crazy segment tonight. greensburg, pennsylvania, 13-year-old girl, 14-year-old boy have been charged with the transmission of sexually implicit images. last fall the girl sent topless photo of herself at his request. he deleted the picture but the girl's mother discovered the photo and contacted the authorities. the aclu defending the young people saying it is a freedom of expression issue and not a criminal issue. with us now dr. bonnie farce a psychologist and attorney and from los angeles dr. wendy walsh author of the upcoming book the 30 day love detox. dr. walsh, begin with you. do you believe it should be
8:42 pm
legal, it should be legal for children to be able to send out sexual pictures of themselves as the aclu apparently does? >> absolutely not. it's child pornography. and you know where these pictures end up, bill? they end up on web sites where guys download them and pedophiles get ahold of them. children need to be caught they are creating pornography when they are sending digitally these photographs of themselves. >> why do you think this has become a problem in america? i mean, if you think back 20, 25 years ago, you know, we didn't have the internet as we have it now. the mentality would be this would have been very, only a fringe crew of children would have done this. now, it's all over the place. >> yes, in fact last year in the harr quinn romance report more than a third of women admitted having sent a naked picture of themselves. >> bill: there is a difference between women and children. >> correct. now we are talking about teens. >> bill: keep it in the child
8:43 pm
range. adults do it and accepted in the adult world? that's why children are doing it? >> i think that's a piece of it we also live in a highly sexualized culture. sex is used to sell every product even to children and even to teens. >> bill: that's been in play for 50 years it? >> is then we have got technology and the access to it and then the other final piece that young people today do not have the relationship skills to actually relate so they start texting relationships. middle schoolers have full on relationships, bill, where they meet, they date, and they break up all by text, never having said a word to each other. >> bill: we dealt with that in the lead story tonight. first of all. >> and, but yet, they will do a visual. >> bill: let me get to dr. farce. should this behavior be criminalized as it is in pennsylvania. they are charged with a low level beef, these kids, they will probably be convicted. if convicted their records will be expunged if they stay out of trouble. that's what usually happens here. are the authorities doing the right thing? >> bill, come on, i mean, is this waste at its finest?
8:44 pm
this law took three years to be passed. i see this in my practice can parents and kids all the time? does that make it right? no. should would he be criminalizing this? look, little kids in middle school 12, 13 go back in time, you send a love letter to somebody. you pass notes in school. >> bill: this is much bigger than that. >> no the issue is i don't think it is. when you put a love letter on the text it's different. >> bill: no, no, here is the reason is dr. walsh pointed it out. if these pictures get out in the public, those kids are stigmatized forever. it's not like a love letter. >> here is the issue with that bill. you are telling me the consequences are different. this is a time in adolescent brain development when emotions rule. reasoning hasn't come in yet. you are telling me you are making it illegal. >> bill: i was the stupidest adolescent in the world. there were still taboos that you didn't do certain things. >> taboo is different than illegal behavior. >> bill: what? >> taboo is different than illegal behavior.
8:45 pm
>> >> bill: i'm not sure about that your exclusion to the sexting thing is what. >> parenting. >> bill: how many bad parents are there? >> you are going to legislate good behavior all the time, bill? we don't have enough time. >> bill: send a message to kids all schools should post it, if do you it you can be arrested and charged. that's a powerful message. >> what if you said if you are found doing this you are expelled? >> bill: that's a powerful message, too. >> i think it's just as powerful in this society. >> bill: 30 seconds for you, dr. walsh, to give me your last statement on the sexting and then you will get 30 seconds. governmental i totally agree with you. bonnie, what you said is true. they don't have good reasoning ability that's why you need to have a stern law in place. i'm sorry for these young people that they are going to have to make an example of this case today of these young people but you need to have laws i need to have that as a parent. i need to be able to say to my 14-year-old daughter listen, you can go to jail if you ever did that not just i will take away your iphone. by the way how many parents really see everything single
8:46 pm
text. every single tweet and facebook post. >> bill: it's hard to do that but you can if you want. >> bad law. parents' responsibility. >> bill: the parents discovered it and called police. >> go figure that out othey are trying to advocate responsibility as a parent. >> bill: so angry going to pay a price for your daughter. >> bill, i think this is about i want somebody else to set the limits for my kids. >> bill: very good discussion, ladies. what's the best movie of all time? and what is the worst film ever? jesse watters has the tally from the folks next.
8:47 pm
8:48 pm
8:49 pm
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. watters world the movie edition. as you may know the oscar nominations are out. let's be honest. movies not what they used to be. so we sent jesse watters out to ask regular folks their
8:50 pm
opinions on the best and worst films of all time. >> all time greatest movie, according to you is, what? >> one of my favorites is fight club. one of those twisted kind of movies. >> you do not talk about fight club. >> don't punch me. >> the hobbit. >> it may have had a few things added but it stuck to the plot. >> you are a smart kid. >> thanks. >> shawshank redemption. no one can argue me, no one. >> i will be damn. >> did you cry when you saw shaw sank. >> who didn't cry when they saw shawshank. >> anchorman. >> anchorman? >> i look good. really good. >> will farrell is a legend. >> is he a legend? >> hey, everyone, come and see how good i look. >> some lie-like it hot. >> do you? >> i always get the fuzzy end of the lollipop. >> oh my god.
8:51 pm
>> bridesmaid nonstop laughter. >> i'm going to go down to the river. >> i think the best river i have ever seen is probably pop section. >> you are kidding? >> that movie really revolutionized story telling. >> allow me to retort. >> the worst movie you have never seen. >> i never see bad things. >> they are so discerning. >> titanic. keeps sinking. >> you know how it ends? >> yeah. there is so many. we're going to have to agree on mariah carey's glitter. >> he doesn't know what he is saying. he is drunk. who do you think the best actor, actress is out there right now. >> daniel day-lewis. he always kills it. >> i like our chances now. >> carrie grant. >> classic. >> you name it. i did it it? >> maferl streep. i know it's really shocking that i would say that. >> i have done battle every single day of my life. >> jennifer aniston. >> you are talking about the titans of the film industry. you are going to w. jennifer aniston? >> yes, i am. >> this is what you are
8:52 pm
looking for, right? >> jim carrie. pretty much play any role, serious, funny, like all of that. [ laughter ] >> george clooney is a really good actor. >> 7 million. never leave the cave without it. >> you just think clooney is handsome i bet. >> is he a good looking gli sandra bullock, she does all different roles. >> this is much better. >> this is not deserved to be acting in movies these days? >> donna reeves. >> are you sure? >> isn't a good actor. he doesn't have good emotion. >> nic cage has been going down hill for me honestly. >> what do you say we cut the chitchat a hole. >> did you see. >> i don't watch lifetime. >> lindsay lohan lifetime. >> she pumps out the most awards. >> jennifer. >> movie she gets beat up.
8:53 pm
[slapping] >> do you ever watch bill o'reilly? >> yes. >> what's your favorite part of the show? >> the talking points memo. >> what about watters world. >> it's one of my favorites too. >> are you bill o'reilly? >> i hope not. >> bill: that's not nice. >> i'm currently reading your book "killing kennedy" and it's very good. >> bill: you know what that shows? the lack of history. the lack of history among younger people. most of those people were younger except for the guy who said some like it hot. the best actor ever my money marlon brando. the guy was unbelievable in what he did. >> right. >> bill: then you have lawrence olivier. even dustin hoffman. will farrell, jennifer aniston? >> you have citizen cain. you have lawrence of arabia. the godfather. none of those were mentioned. none of those were mentioned. >> bill: who is the best president and you go martin van buren. they don't have the mystery. they don't know.
8:54 pm
>> no. >> american film is part of our culture. last year we sent you out to the oscars. do you remember that? >> i think so. >> bill: george clooney almost beat you up. >> that's right. i remember now. >> you didn't say president obama you just said obama. he was going to kill you. >> he hates me. >> bill: i was thinking about sending you out there again but we have done everything. >> what else am i allowed to do. i don't think i'm allowed back to the oscars. they will set up a perimeter i think. >> bill: do you have any ideas or want to see watters world do anything at the oscars, let us know. we are out of ideas for that. >> don't send me into south central l.a. >> send a message to south central l.a. >> do not do that jesse watters, everybody, causing trouble as usual. on deck, factor tip of the day. another internet outrage. this one involving me. the tip 60 seconds away. so you say men are superior drivers?
8:55 pm
yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands? >> time for tip of the day.
8:56 pm
more internet dishonesty. first, tomorrow, i will appear on the view. guns the topic. i think you'll find the two segments very interesting. and now, the mail. brenda long from texas, thank you for bringing a common sense solution about gun violence. i support mandatory sentences. tom connor, indiana, your talking points were on, but went off the rail with gun registration. >> bill, great segment, you don't want common sense solutions. and bill, by your logic, it states make the gun laws, they could violate the constitution. well, we've seen states try to do that in the past, bob, but the federal courts overrule them. bob, california, bill, i must correct you shall the u.s. postal service does not get operating funds from taxpayers.
8:57 pm
sorry, bob, taxpayers kick in 100 million dollars every year to keep the post office running and sadly, the office has borrowed another 15 billion dollars, 15 billion from the u.s. treasury, money taxpayers are never going to get back. 30 million bucks sponsoring lance armstrong was obscene. from california, looking forward to seeing you and miller at nokia, heart felt thanks to this vet. and washington april 24th, wesbury long island june 1st, going fast. info at hope to he see you. and i'm nine years old, finished lincoln's last days, best ever. and will there be a book for killing kennedy. >> yes, in the spring. and with the great success of killing kennedy and killing lincoln has c-span book show invited you on?
8:58 pm
they have not. point of rocks, maryland, bill you pointed out the conservatives lacked a national lieder, why doesn't you need one. we don't promote ideology on the factor, we promote problem solving for the good of all americans. if you illegally possess a gun in this country you get life in prison, if you illegally discharge a gun you get the death penalty. and singapore, a tough place, spent time there, no doubt about it. don't mess around in singapore. and finally, tonight, the factor tip of the day. be cautious, as we said, in the talking points memo with the internet. whenever you hear somebody say they learned something from the net, be very skeptical. remember, there are no standards in cyberspace, anything goes. let me introduce you to benji, who is he? writes for a site talking points memo and stole from me and he told the world, quote,
8:59 pm
o'reilly got into an on air screaming match whether to blame drunk driving deaths on illegal immigration. that's a complete lie. everybody's seen that chat i had with rivera. and it was about illegal alien crime, violent crime. that's what it was about. so, benji knows that, but he's lying. now, we politely asked the website to correct the record. they refused and why should they correct the record? they answer to nobody. in fact, the tip of the day, be skeptical of the net, especially when articles are written by a guy named benji. the dog is okay. that's it for us tonight. check out fox news factor website different from and spout out about the factor from anywhere in the world. o' anytime, general time if you wish to op


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